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ThinPOS Terminals PC

ThinPOS is a POS refined in every detail which is more powerful, slimmer and can be used for more applications. ThinPOS features IPC spec which delivers high performance, stability, but does not look like an IPC. It features an ultra-slim screen which makes ThinPOS stylish and space-saving. It features a unique stand base and it is wall/ pole/ desk mountable for various applications and environments. ThinPOS is ideal to function as digital signage as well as surveillance bcoz its has supports dual independent display capability.


ThinPOS features a unique customization option which enables customers can have their preferences on any Mini ITX Motherboard options so that they can have a unique and stylish POS system to work efficiently and effectively.

POS Terminals Systems from ThinPC






The Fanless POS System

It’s a challenge to be fanless on a POS system with high performance CPU. ThinPOS is featuring the most advanced Intel CPU which delivers high performance and excellent visual & video quality with fanless operation. The fanless design not only provides with quiet operation but also reduces MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure).

 Slim yet Powerful

It’s a challenge to make a POS system slim, stylish but also powerful. In addition to have Intel processor embedded, ThinPOS overcomes the limits to the size and features diverse I/O ports which allow connection to various devices. A powered USB port is reserved for single cable connection to the higher-power devices, which is especially ideal for the retail market.

Support Dual Monitors

Digital Signage has won wide acceptance in the marketplace for its easy update, attraction to end users and printing cost reduction. Powered by Intel processor, ThinPOS features HDMI output and is capable of supporting 2 displays which makes it ideal for digital signage applications.

Speedy 10/100/1000 LAN & Wireless Built in

ThinPOS features a 10/100/1000 LAN interface which is 10 times faster than 10/100 LAN technology, resulting in greater productivity and user satisfaction. It’s ideal for today’s high-bandwidth applications and peripherals. it also has the Wireless built in with Antena.